There is a monster
That resides and thrives within
Lurking in the darkness
Hoping to prey on every folly and sin
Lying in wait, dormant for a while
Asleep inside, so quiet and sound
Only to rear his head
And drag me right down

On trial in front of unforgiving judges
Who decree laws befitting society’s grudges
Faces, with age, to not smudge
A seamless body, from perfection, to not budge

Engulfed in the darkness
Overtaken by the black night
Slave to their every whim
Be perfect, slim and trim
Not a hair out of place
The personification of prim
To rescue from this dreary plight
Not a soul lingers in sight
To offer a helping hand
There’s nothing and no one
To shed light on my unlit world
Not even the blinding sun

Turn a blind eye
To tears streaming from their eyes now
Not upto your toxic standards
How quickly you disavowed
Ridiculed the young girls
“Too thick in the middle”
Why didn’t you realise
They were still just solving puzzles and riddles

Haunted by the demons of my past
Should’ve known it could never last
Happy for a day, here and there
But the clouds descended
And laid the land bare
Forever in their traps
The monsters were waiting to ensnare

Starved to fit your standards
Smeared faces with salves instead of smiles
Body image issues, self consciousness
This was the main concern
Gave up the pounds
To get these in return

So I shut the world out
And shut myself in
The monsters, invisible to you
Are dwelling beneath my skin
And try though I might
I cannot escape
So is my life and such is my fate

The monster resides in my soul
There are days when it devours me whole
This is the monster
I now call my own
He is my enemy
And I am his home


93 thoughts on “Monster

  1. I didn’t get it. I am not being lazy. I read it a few times. But who is the monster?
    And a suggestion – Could you fix your comments? They become unreadable(on the web browser) when the threads run a few levels deep.
    It sounds really nice, but “Too thick in the middle” (pointing to my head).


    1. Lol. There’s some issue with my comment section right now. It wasn’t even available a few hours ago. As in comments got disabled somehow *smacks forehead*
      Ill see what I can do about that by tomorrow.
      The monster isn’t a single one. I was referring to many things and maybe that became confusing. Primarily, it was meant to denote the voices outside and within, telling us we aren’t good enough.


      1. okay!! By means of rewards and punishments, society creates in us a monster of self loathing – which feeds on our constant failure to live up to its standards – that eventually comes to devour us. Am I getting close?

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Sumedha my dear, I was really waiting for your comment. Honestly. Then I started wondering that maybe you didn’t like it 🤐
      I have finals coming up so I’m going to have to lessen(not stop) the posting 😋 I’ll still update though !


      1. Arghh… I’m sorryyy… I really loved it. Such lucidity in your expressions!! I didn’t realise I hadn’t commented before.
        Oh, best of luck to you. Please update as soon as ‘mother freedom’ bestows blessings upon you.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. ‘metagenomics of viruses’?
        Since when did they start have a genome? They are non-living half the time!! I personally like bacterias better. Far less work, I swear.
        I feel like I’m missing the point here…


  2. Well written! You have recognized your shadow. The proper way to move forward is to incorporate it into your character, so you may call upon it in the face of malviolence.

    “Be careful, lest in casting out your demon you exorcise the best thing in you” – Friedrich Nietzsche

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