If I were a mirror
Would you see me
Or merely the reflection
You want me to be
No defection, All perfection
No past mistakes, a smooth complexion
Shy and quiet
No voice ever raised in objection

A clean slate embodied in curves
A sparkling smile with all the right words
Just the right height and impeccable hair
All the charm in the world with a touch of flair
Never sick, never down, no complaints to be spoken
Not a care in the world and certainly never broken

Would you know these things
Are but a mirage or trance
Would you care to give the real me
The slightest bit of chance
Would you accept my flaws
There are many to see
Or would you repel my reality

There was some peace there
Shrouded in all the gloom and despair
But even that is now heavily impaired
You try and wish to reshape and repair
The things that were broken
With the harsh words bespoken
My blemishes and blunders
Those errors and persecutions
All drowning in complete dissolution

The darkened past cloaked underneath the bright skin
The crooked smiles hiding the horrors within
I am no delicacy in grace or smile
And perfection is something I miss by a mile

This is who I am
But who do you examine ?
Me in authenticity
Or what you assume and imagine
I would wish you see what’s raw and real
And find in my truth, some small appeal
For I am me and me alone
With all my flaws in flesh and bone

I’m your mirror
I reflect what you want to see
But when I break
You’re the one who bleeds

66 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. Hey, I really don’t say this to demean your writing, as much as I do to demean my comprehension capabilities. But can you please explain this to me? Like the simple gist. I really couldn’t get the meaning, although I did thoroughly enjoyed the language.

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