There is a monster That resides and thrives within Lurking in the darkness Hoping to prey on every folly and sin Lying in wait, dormant for a while Asleep inside, so quiet and sound Only to rear his head And drag me right down On trial in front of unforgiving judges Who decree laws befitting … Continue reading Monster


Going…Going…Gone !

And another year draws to a close. I've seen so, so many people bidding a teary farewell to this unabridged parcel of scream-out-your-lung-till-they-ache-high's and crawl-under-the-cover-and-weep-till-our-eyes-throb-low's, neatly packaged into a wholesome 365 odd days. But I had stubbornly refrained from such a post upto now, having no idea how to go about being encouraging, accepting, inspiring … Continue reading Going…Going…Gone !

India In Photos ❤

Mountain Fog⛰ Winding Roads Birthdays 🎂LunchtimeFloral Beauty🌻Sunsets🌄Celebrations 🎉Gardens🌿Rainy Day🌧Our Functions 🎺Coffee Break 🍵 Pizza (yum!)🍕 Restaurants 🍝Tea Break 🍵Sweet Tray 🍬Savoury Snack 🥗KFC (yum!) 🍗 Home-cooked Meal 🥘 Wedding Invitations ✉Lotus Pond 🌸 Classrooms ✒ College Libraries 📚 Serene Dam 🏞 Street Food (Pani Puri!) 🤗Traditional South-Indian Meal (on a banana leaf) 🍃 Rural Town … Continue reading India In Photos ❤

A Non-Christmas Yet Christmas Post

Note: Please read this one fully before commenting, thanks 😗 Over the past week, WordPress has been inundated by an overflowing deluge of Christmas posts, Holiday wishes and New Year's Resolutions. It feels like my 'blogship' has been assailed with overjoyed bloggers whose exultant euphoria is overwhelming to say the least. This ship which took … Continue reading A Non-Christmas Yet Christmas Post